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Which Bugle to Buy??
#1 Frequently asked question - Which bugle should I buy for my Boy Scout learning to play. Answer: Our Centennial Bugle.


 In stock ready for shipping: Kanstul, our own Centennial Bugle, and our Arlington.

From Left to Right is a Kanstul Regulation Field Bugle,  An Amati 223,  A Centennial G Bugle, A Jupiter Brigadier Bugle, and a Getzen Field Trumpet (B-Flat).  Mouthpieces are not necessarily the ones that come with.  Click for very detailed pictures.


If you want a basic instrument for a beginning player, scout or adult or a player looking for a compentent instrument at a great price, we recommend our Centennial Bugle. This is a "G" bugle. We have it in lacquer and Silver

If you want a fancier instrument as a gift, let's say for an Eagle Scout or just want a deluxe bugle, consider our Arlington Bugle, but the Centennial Bugle will also serve you well. Both of these are "G" bugle. The Arlington is only available in lacquer.

If you want/require a US made instrument or a named brand instrument, then the Kanstul bugle will meet your needs. The Kanstul comes in Silver and Lacquer and there's a "G" bugle and a B-Flat bugle. A G bugle will be for the less experienced player or those of any skill level wanting the traditional bugle. In contrast, a B-flat is for the Advanced player who wants a brighter horn and/or one more in line with their B-flat trumpet. DO NOT BUY A B-FLAT BUGLE FOR A LOW/NO EXPERIENCE BRASS PLAYER.

More Details:

Key of the bugle - The key is the natural notes played by the bugle in terms on the piano scale.  The traditional boy scout bugle is in G/F (the key changes by pulling out the slide).  A trumpet is usually in B-flat.  Thus the G bugle plays 1 1/2 steps (a note and 1/2) lower then a trumpet.   The advantage being the lower notes are a bit easier to play for the beginning student.  Otherwise, I'm not sure WHY the bugle is in this key, tradition, or some other reason that appears long lost.   One thing to be careful with all this is that sometimes you'll see a bugle in "B-Flat" but it's a whole octave below the standard bugle (the length of tubing of a trombone).   While you might have a specialized need for such an instrument it's probably not what you would want for funerals, memorials, boy scout signaling or the other purposes folks on this website usually want to accomplish.  We stock the Kanstul Bugle in both G and B-flat, all our other bugles are G or G/F.

Bugle Material - All these bugles are made of brass.  You might from time to time find a bugle made of copper or have a copper bell, but in general they're brass.  There are different "flavors" of brass. 

Bugle Finish - Bugles normally come in a lacquered finish or a silver (or nickel silver) finish, though sometime in "raw brass."   Lacquered bugles maintain a shine but need to be kept clean.  If the lacquered wears off you'll want to polish the exposed area.  Silver plating is more expensive, but stays shiny longer and takes a shine.   We stock our Centennial bugle and the Kanstul Bugle in Silver.  The US Regulation Bugle is available in Nickel Silver.  All other bugles except that Kanstul we stock in lacquer.

 Here's some examples and variations of what might be called the "Traditional Boy Scout Bugle" the 1892 bugle (when the Army Specified this style), a Field Trumpet,  or the trademarked  US Regulation Bugle.     The difficulty buying these on line is that it's hard to figure out the key and playability.  These bugles below are roughly 15 3/4" without the mouthpiece and about 17 1/2" with the mouthpiece.  The Bells are from about 4 1/2 inches to less then 5 inches.  This style is specified in G/F but as you see below variations of B flat, G, F and by having a LONG tuning Slide G/F.   Often with these bugles, you lose sound quality as you pull out the G/F slide so for practical purposes, it's probably best just to play them in G.

To add to your confusion about "keys" (If late at night I'd skip this paragraph):  The piano is in the key of "C". There are a lot of trumpets in the key of "C" but in the US that would be 99% of the time played by a professional or college level orchestra player.  The most likely trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn you'll find out there will be in the Key of B-flat, or one STEP lower pitched then the "C" trumpet.  A step is the distance between white keys when there is a black key in the middle.  When a B-flat trumpet player sees and plays a "C", to the piano player he's playing a B-flat. The often recommend key for playing "TAPS" is the the key of G (same as a trumpet if you add the tubing of the 1st and 2nd valve), followed by B-flat and then sometimes F (same as a trumpet but adding the tubing involved in valves 1 and 3 on the trumpet.   I know, you need to shake your head a few times to figure this out.

Some horns have "spit valves" installed either on the first forward bend or on both forward bends. 

From Left to Right is a Kanstul Regulation Field Bugle, An Amati 223, A Centennialtm  G Bugle, A Jupiter Brigadier 600AB Bugle,  and a Getzen Field Trumpet (B-Flat with G Slide shown).  Mouthpieces are not necessarily the ones that come with the instrument.  NOTE: ALL THESE BUGLES ACCEPT TRUMPET MOUTHPIECES.  Click for very detailed pictures.

We often get e-mails, what about this or that bugle on ebay/  Needless to say most are "no name" for a reason.  But don't believe us, here's an exchange between us and a customer.  He even decided to make a youtube video about the experience.

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Our Signature Bugle

The Centennial G Bugle

Brand New in 2010 the Centennial G Bugle celebrates the Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary! This bugle is the first to have the name right on the bell. 

Specified by to meet requirements of ease of play, tone quality, intonation, and construction quality and still be available for an economical price.   While maintaining some of the flavor of the traditional 1892 model bugle and the traditional Boy Scout bugle, we elected to take advantage of 118 additional years of brass instrument manufacturer along with an ISO 9000 qualified factory to deliver the best of modern day product.   The designer has worked for such brass powerhouses as Conn-Selmer and Schilke.  The Centennial bugle uses a trumpet mouthpiece, so replacements are as close as your local music store (or here).  Prices starting at $169(bugle and mouthpiece) to $234 (Silver Bugle, MP, and Case).  Click here for more information and pictures.

 It's offered with a lightweight solid case for long term protection. 



The Arlington Bugletm

An extra deluxe "G" bugle with a few special added features beyond our Centennial - Snazzy Chrome Tuning Slide Supports and a Hex Mouthpiece Receiver. $250 + Shipping. Includes Case and Mouthpiece. Click here for more pictures and to order.



The Kanstul Regulation Bugle is proud to announce that you can order ready to ship US MADE Kanstul bugles directly from us.  Click here for more details.

The Regulation Bugle is made to Kanstul Professional Brass Instrument standards and is priced extremely competitively.  While custom made to really any specification desired, we're stocking the most popular configuration in both G and B-flat packaged with mouthpiece and Case for one great low price.  Click Here.

Kanstul is a US manufacturer of brass instruments since the early 80's.  Zig Kanstul the Owner/Founder has been making brass instruments for years before that and is considered one of (if not THE) most knowledgeable person in making brass instruments.     For information now see - tell them you heard about them from 


 TRUMPET Wiseman DTR-250.  A fantastic trumpet for the student player.  Don't be locked in to high rental fees and inflated purchase prices, for $350/$375 (Lacq/Silver) this horn were serve all the student's needs all the way through marching band.  Click here for more information. (Jan 2015) We'll be updating the website soon for a line of professional and student horns along with Flugelhorns, pocket trumpets, and cornets. Even a nice "C" Trumpet. Click above if you have a need.



Bugle Cases Click Here for Full Details


Don't see what you want?  We also make CUSTOM BUGLES (and offer Brass restoration).  Click Here for details.
7C Mouthpiece - Click Here




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